Monty The Dog

When we came, out of school one day a circus was setting up in a field close by. It was not open but we went across to have a look and walked in to see the animals. One of the circus ladies was sitting outside her caravan with a spaniel and it’s litter of seven puppies. They looked lovely, coloured black and white with shiny coats. “Does anyone want one?” she asked. “Free to a good home. The mother is a circus dog who does tricks and they will grow up to do the same.”

Naturally I was first in the queue and didn’t give much thought to what my mum and dad would say. “Yes I’ll have one.” I said. Across the road was a little grocery shop. I ran in and asked for a cardboard box, big enough to carry the puppy home. The old lady went to the back an returned with a soap box. “That’ll make him smell nice,” she said.

I ran back to the circus field, panicking in case the circus lady had given them all away. She hadn’t and put a lovely little pup in my box. He filled it perfectly and was snug enough for the trip home …

[Excerpt from Nothin Easy: My Young Life 1935 – 1977]