What Am I Doing Here?

What Am I Doing Here?
My Older Life, 1977 to 2004
by Ken Walker
Publisher: Ken Walker Publishing
ISBN: 978-0956983916
Price: £11.99

WHAT AM I DOING HERE? is the second part of Ken Walker’s autobiography, and follows on from the first book: Nothing Easy.

It takes the story from the break-up of his marriage and the collapse of his first business enterprise through the up and downs of the next four decades.

Like it’s predecessor, WHAT AM I DOING HERE? takes the reader through some spellbinding stories – clambering through snow drifts, re-starting in business, spending a long bedside vigil, experiencing bankruptcy, learning to paraglide, running charity supplies through Eastern Europe, taking risks potholing and scaling the sides of canyons.

He had further long-lasting relationships with women and maintained ties with his three sons. Ken spent considerable time in Romania, America, Italy, Spain, France and Australia but was always happiest when he came back to the Yorkshire Dales and the land that he loves.

WHAT AM I DOING HERE? continues the life story of Ken Walker: motor racer, car dealer, transport company owner, builder, garden tools importer, paraglider pilot, potholder and raconteur.