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My NEW BOOK 'What Am I Doing Here' is NOW AVAILABLE!

My first book 'Nothing Easy' is still available.

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Nothing Easy: My Young Life

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Home in Masham

The draw of home proved stronger than the dubious attractions of Leeds and when I…

Monty The Dog

When we came, out of school one day a circus was setting up in a…

The Winter of 1946-47

Unlike the year before, the winter of 1946-47 was particularly harsh and it snowed for…


About the Author

Ken WalkerKen Walker

Born  in the Yorkshire Dales in 1935, Ken Walker is the author of two volumes of autobiography. Nothing Easy details his early life in Masham and Ilkley, while WHAT AM I DOING HERE? takes is through the later years in the wild climes of Greenhow - his own exile, to Boroughbridge and Harrogate.

The story of Ken's life includes motor racing in the UK and Europe, square bashing at RAF Wunsdorf, Charity work in Romania, grape picking in Italy, as well as facing 'do-or-die' adventures in the Painted Desert, along the pass at El Chorro and on the roads between Villa Real and Mateus. Wherever the story takes him he always returns to his beloved Yorkshire Dales.

Ken Walker has interesting stories to tell and does so with a raconteur's natural verve. His life has been a struggle: bankruptcy, eloped, married, divorced and other important relationships. The often baleful influence of his father when young was never far away, nor the caring presence of his mother. His brother was one of his main supporters until his early, tragic death. Grandparents, sisters, sons, nephews and nieces, a wife and partners all figure in what has been called a typical Dalesman's tale of an era. He has been a Haulage contractor, pig farmer, a paraglider pilot, bus driver, a car dealer and much more in his time. Join him in these fascinating stories.